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Our Mission

Building safe shelter in Peru.

We believe every orphan deserves a safe place to call home. Our mission and joy is to help our partners provide safety, shelter and sustainability for orphans. Since 2007, we’ve helped partner organizations in 8 countries and hundreds of supporters have rallied to the cause. Since we started, donors have helped build two family style orphan homes, dig 6 wells, construct numerous security walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor latrines, livestock pens, garden fences and more. Each completed project demonstrates our passion to help orphans, showing them that although they may be orphaned,  they are not forgotten. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something. What is your something?

Recent Posts

Re-Visioning Happens.

I wonder if Re-Visioning is even a word. But, let’s pretend it is since I didn’t get spell checked. As a nonprofit founder and director, fresh directions are the lifeblood of our organization. That’s why I love my work. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a colleague who works for a much larger but similar organization. I wanted...



Happy is… Raising $8200 for Angel of Mercy and JBFC at the Golf NINE 4 Orphans this year. Happy is  that Kim Larsen did such a great job organizing the event; food was awesome, contests FUN! Happy is that we were able to secure more Underwriters for our event this year. Happy is that we had...


Act Share Give

Each year we mobilize events to raise awareness and funds for building projects that serve orphans. We provide opportunities to make a direct impact in the life of an orphan. Here are two events that will make a difference in June. We’re excited to be hosting our 6th annual Golf NINE 4 Orphans. We expect...