Small Beginnings

We can't do it all, but we can all do something!

For me, it started in 2007 volunteering at an orphanage in Peru. The simple act of reading stories in broken Spanish... showing little girls how to cut out paper dolls for the first time. The kids moved my heart...then changed my life. After stacking blocks to build a security wall around a school yard inspired me to do something to make a child--one that I may never meet, have a safe place to call home.

Our vision became to help our partners raise funds and awareness for building projects that will better serve orphans in their care.

Our goal is to one day help more than 200 Orphanages provide safe shelter...

What is your something?

For the Children,

Jan Hanson,
Executive Director





Project Updates

Recently Funded Projects

  • $ 8,200 6 wells in India for Mercy Homes

  • $ 2,000 for NPH - Guatemala to build a store to train disabled in a trade

  • $2,000: Guard House NCV- Rwanda

  • $3,200 Chicken Coop JBFC-Tanzania

  • $1,000 Arshivad Orphanage,

  • $15,000 Mercy Homes, Kerala India

Adopt A Project



Adopt A Project: Current Needs:

  • $!6,000 Dining Hall, Ashirvad Children's Home, India

  • $8,000 Electrical Angel of Mercy

  • $7,000 Second Floor Mercy Homes, Kerala India

  • $4,200 Security wall, Halo Foundation's Kibuli Home, Uganda
  • $1,000 Gulu garden and fence for Halo's Foundaiton's partner in Uganda
  • $5,000 Water Purification, Tanzania

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