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Our Mission

Building safe shelter in Peru.

We believe every orphan deserves a safe place to call home. Our mission and joy is to help our partners provide safety, shelter and sustainability for orphans. Since 2007, we’ve helped partner organizations in 8 countries and hundreds of supporters have rallied to the cause. Since we started, donors have helped build two family style orphan homes, dig 6 wells, construct numerous security walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor latrines, livestock pens, garden fences and more. Each completed project demonstrates our passion to help orphans, showing them that although they may be orphaned,  they are not forgotten. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something. What is your something?

Recent Posts

Making Good Happen

There is not a lot of wand waving going on around here… just day to day hard work and tireless effort by lots of people doing good on behalf of the orphans. This March, we have three fund raisers, March 20, 21 and 22. Volunteers are making these happen, but we need sponsors and...


Your Impact

I hope you enjoy the “Your Impact” 2013 Report.


Love, Verb or Noun?

Love! In plain English, the best holiday gift is not a noun, but in our world, LOVE is the real thing: a verb. Love is an action word and it’s why we do what we do, loving God and loving children in deed. Gifts of love the verb take many forms in our world. These include...