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NPH- Mexico-Boys Bathrooms $10,323


NPH-International based in Chicago has orphanages in Central and South America. We work with NPH-Guatamala and now are helping their sister orphanage damaged by the Earthquake September 9th 2017 in Mexico. It’s a miracle no children or staff were injured, but the homes now need to be repaired. Learn more click here.

The earthquake of historic proportions devastated Mexico, and shook the foundations of our NPH Mexico family.  We are happy the children are safe, however their day to day lives have been disrupted and many have been displaced. The local civil engineers have disallowed children and staff from several homes, schools, dining and recreational areas. So, we want to help in some small way.

The Need:

We have a chance to help by giving to the following needs and we’ll do as much as we can.

  1. Repair of compound walls ($5885 Sent to repair the walls)
  2. Boys Dorm Bathrooms
  3. Playground for Kindergarten

Total cost is $10,323